Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Our First Trip

Our first official trip as RV owners! Well, distance-wise it wasn’t much of a trip...just 30 minutes up the road from us we trekked to Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground. Check out their website.

We love Disney and what a safe environment to get our feet wet. We bought Winnie as-is so had a few routine maintenance things done, but really just threw some clothes inside and headed out to hang with Mickey.

We like the 700 Loop and here are some photos of our camp site:

These are the nifty lights mom and dad got us as a gift:

You can get them at Target here.

Thankfully Disney has fantastic bathrooms as we didn’t hook up the sewer lines on this first trip. We were missing the clamp for the hose plus we weren’t really comfortable using the water much as we seemed to have a bit of a leak.

Mom and dad came out and we fixed them dinner….a small kitchen, but quite efficient. We had a yummy dinner then went for a walk down to the beach and watched the fireworks.

Just a side note...you can also rent cabins at Fort Wilderness which are fantastic, you can even rent large tents. Heck, you can even just come out for the day and bring the bicycles, ride around, take a water taxi to the different resorts and grab lunch at any one of their yummy restaurants.

We loved checking out everything in our new digs…..I think one of the best surprises we’ve had with Winnie is that our mattress is wonderful!! I don’t know that it’s a Tempurpedic but it sure feels like one! We kind of wanted a new mattress, but we’re not getting rid of this one! We love it!

Oh, a little purchase we made to mark our first trip:

All in all, it was a great first trip…I think we are already hooked!

Blessings, Dave & Misi

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