Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Welcome Home, Winnie!

Well after much searching, lots of dreaming and praying….we finally have brought home our first RV! A 1997 Class A 31 FT Winnebago Brave. We call her Winnie.

Now let me back track and start this new blog at the beginning….Dave and I love to travel although our treks have not been far or widespread yet. We have used many weekends as opportunities to explore places in Florida and we have discovered some amazing places. I’ll post some entries soon that talk about our favorite Florida discoveries, be it beaches, restaurants, parks, etc. We have also taken a few trips to Asheville, NC and surrounding areas…we’ll tell you some neat discoveries we’ve made around there too.

Throughout all of our time together (over 7 years), we have been to countless RV shows just because we find it fun to see what’s out there and to dream about one day owning one. I even have a photo of myself standing by a friend’s RV and I put it up on my dream board. As a side note, I encourage you to make a dream board…so many things on mine have come to pass!

Now back to present day…..we brought Winnie home and although we just got her we love her so much! She’s certainly got some age on her, but she is so cozy and with just a few minor touches (our own bedding, throw pillows and such) she feels like home!

Adventures to follow.....Blessings, Dave & Misi


  1. She's a Jewel!! Enjoy, Enjoy your many wonderful trips to come and may God Bless Them Greatly!! Godspeed!! I love your blog and your pictures!!

  2. That camper looks amazing and so much fun. She sure is a beauty ;)! I hope you can keep us updadated with pictures and anything interesting!!! Matthew