Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fort De Soto Park

Bit of a hectic departure, but hey, no real complaints here, after all,  we're on the road again. We MUST play this song every time we head out!
After working most of the day, we hit the road and Dave drove while I worked online from my passenger seat. Gotta love technology, especially gotomypc.com.

We first went to downtown St. Pete to Tropicana Field to watch a Tampa Bay Rays game. They have great parking for RVs so we got there a bit early, finished up work, then went in and ate at Everglades BBQ Smokehouse which has huge windows overlooking the field and you can eat while the teams are warming up. The food was great! Dave had smoked chicken breast and I got their salad bar which is really good and also has Brunswick stew. The stew was SO fantastic!

The game was great. We won…5-0. 4 of our runs were homers! Go Rays!

We had already told the people at the Fort De Soto Campground we’d be arriving late, so we just used a gate code and rolled into the park. Thank goodness for the back-up camera for many reasons, but that night, so I could stand at the back of our site and direct Dave in (it was so dark out!). The camera has volume too so I was able to tell him to cut it to the right a little, don’t hit the palm tree and stuff like that.

When we woke up we were greeted with a beautiful water view out our back bedroom window. Our site # was 205, Lot’s of privacy, great water views and beautiful trees!

Our View From Our Camp Site

The park is first rate with their camp sites, bathrooms (which we now have our water and sewer lines hooked up, yay!), cute little store with everything you could need and biking distance to the best beaches around!

In fact, we did ride our bikes to the beach and took a long walk. The beach was beautiful.

I saw a family in front of us scouring the shoreline for shells and such, and my first thought was, ‘Man, they are being so thorough, I won’t be able to find anything!’ And mind you, up until this point, I’ve always wanted to, but never in my life found a whole sand dollar on the beach. God quickly spoke to me saying, ‘Don’t think like that, keep looking’. I turned ever so slightly and was rewarded with a beautiful little sand dollar. I was so excited, yes, to find it, but really, because He reminded me that even with my simple, little desires, I can trust Him! And you know what?! I found two more lovely sand dollars on that walk. God also reminded me that He is a God of abundance…always blessing us with more than we ask for! Isn’t God awesome?! I encourage you to reflect on the wonderful things big and small God has done for you!

We got back to our camp site just in time to enjoy the beautiful sunset over the water.

It was a wonderful trip. We hated to leave, but we will definitely come back soon!

Until next time...Blessings, Misi and Dave

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