Friday, June 29, 2012

How Many People Can You Fit In A Winnebago?

The answer is six. Well, more can 'fit' but six can sleep, lol. We took a quick one-nighter trip over to Fort De Soto to hook up with Dave's brother Rob and his family who were on their summer vacation.

Here we all are (back row, then front row, left to right): Matthew, Rob, Dave, Michael, Shari and Misi

We were fortunate that we got a great site at the last minute. Site number 170, on the water.

We hung out by the water and did a bit of fishing...and relaxing. We tried to catch a small crab....and came close, but he wouldn't cooperate.

We headed over to the beaches with Dave, myself, Rob and Shari on bikes and the boys running. It was fun, but SO hot. We stopped at a couple of the piers and went to the Fort, but headed back before we made it to the farthest beach because it was just too hot on the bikes/running.

You can read a bit of history about the Fort De Soto cannons by clicking here.
We arrived back at our campsite and Shari and I fixed dinner. It may be a small kitchen, but it has everything we need! It was a beautiful evening with a great breeze so we dined outside. After a yummy chicken dinner we made a fire and Michael and Matthew told stories while we made smores....they were fantastic! Michael and Matthew are the masters of roasting marshmallows exactly how you want them...thanks boys!!

What better way to cap off a great day than to cozy up together inside with a fun game? Dave and I introduced Rob, Shari and the boys to Stop Thief, one of our favorite board games.

Here is Winnie 'before' sleep mode then 'in' sleep mode:
We got up the next morning and ate some breakfast....I obviously am not an experienced camper! I walked away from my breakfast for a minute and a bird made off with part of it, lol!! Dave and I had to work, so we powered up the computers and turned on our phones while Rob, Shari, Michael and Matthew headed out to the beach for a swim. We hooked up with them at lunch to say our farewells and let them continue on with their journey.

We love making memories with family and friends! Here are a few more photos:
Ok, Dave has really itchy feet to head out of state. He wants to replace the beaches with some mountains. The question is, do we head to Georgia and North Carolina now or wait a bit so we can see the leaves change? Hmmm...what a quandary! Well, I'll take this type of 'dilemma' any day! We thank God often for the opportunity to do this type of traveling now.

Until next time ~

Misi & Dave

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  1. I am so happy for you both that you can go RVing We hope to soon....just cant leave 3 horses that long.Bob wants to do the out west thing. That is where our grandchildren are. A blog is a great idea....have fun. We are in the NC mountains for the summer with the horses!!Just lovin these mountains!!1 We ar in Waynesville.