Saturday, April 20, 2013

Edinburg, VA - April 12th-14th 2013

We are on the road headed from West Virginia to Edinburg, Virginia. The countryside is SO beautiful!

Above and below photos are the beautiful landscape as we were traveling to Edinburg, VA

Oh, it was so good to arrive at our next, Dave and I were both officially on vacation. We traveled about 250 miles from Pipestem and arrived at Creekside Campground in Edinburg, VA early Friday evening. There were only a couple of other RVers here so we had a good selection of sites to choose from. We had originally reserved site 13, which is one of their larger 'super sites', but they told us it had flooded and would be very muddy. We picked site 17 instead which was nice. It was creekside...most are...and full hook-up.

Kevin, who helped us get situated said that they had had a couple of floods in the past. In the early 90's he said the area flooded so bad that they lost everything! They rebuilt, then fairly recently they had more flooding, but not near as bad. I sure am glad they didn't have any bad storms while we were there!

After setting up camp we were starving and it had gotten late fast so we headed over to a local Italian restaurant right across the creek from us. Sal's Italian Bistro was really good! We both got the lasagna and we probably should have shared one! Look how big the portions were! I had to take half of mine to go!

Ok, it was too dark when we arrived on Friday to take any photos, but here is our site. Number 17. Plus some photos of other sites and the creek.

Our camp mascot, Winston, approves of our site!
Putting Virginia on the map! Woo-Hoo! 11 states on our map now! Dave is hoping for a lot more this year!

Above is Dave putting a new battery in the car before we headed out exploring Saturday morning. We bought it a couple states back and just left it in the car as we felt like our battery was dying. It didn't completely die but it was really hesitating and sounding weak. Glad we put it in at our campsite as opposed to at night on the side of the road somewhere!

We headed towards downtown Luray, here are a few countryside photos along the way:

Luray is such a cute town! We parked and checked out the shops and local restaurants.

This dog was in one of the shops we went pretty!

I love the art work on old advertising signs and labels. 
I love when we end up choosing well for restaurants! Good food and good ambiance! The Gathering Grounds restaurant had yummy food and a nice local vibe. After lunch I ordered a piece of chocolate chess pie to go. I haven't had chocolate chess pie since my childhood visits to Granny and Papa Joe's in Wise, NC. Yum! The pie did not last long!

With full bellies we headed out to Luray Caverns. What a cool place. Beautiful land and buildings before you ever get to the caverns!

In the deepest depths of the caverns is a large room called 'The Cathedral' where they host weddings and other gatherings...beautiful! One amazing feature here that really stunned Dave was the organ, called the Stalacpipe Organ, that was made specifically for the caverns. Each key on the organ is routed to a unique rock formation within the caverns in order to acommodate all of the pitches needed for the organ. When a key is struck it taps that unique formation for that key and the vibration through that formation gives that pitch. We watched and listened in amazement to the hymn that was played. It is incredible and considered the largest musical instrument in the world!

Another funny sign Dave wanted a photo of!

This formation is called scrambled eggs!

A tribute to honor veterans
These caverns are amazing! If you ever get the chance, definitely go and see them!

Situated along the ridge of the Blue Ridge Mountains is 105 miles of breathtaking scenery which is the Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park. The things that God created just for our enjoyment absolutely overwhelms me!

Visitor Center and Gift Shop where we purchased our National Parks  Edition of Yahtzee!

Dinner at Pollock Dining Room in the Skyland Resort. Turkey and potatoes, plus Dave got the blackberry ice cream pie-yum!! 

Skyland Resort Tavern

I could not stop taking photos of the sunset because it was just so breathtaking! Well, we finally tore ourselves away making a promise to come back one Fall to see the leaf color. We headed back to our home away from home and rested up for our next adventure!

Sunday morning Dave was finishing a few things up so I walked around and snapped a few more photos in and around our RV campground before we headed out for our next destination.
The camp office

Just a pretty house down the street.

Love the campground mailbox!

Lovely historic homes!

Our RV from across the creek.

Delicious Italian restaurant we ate at Friday night.

Creekside RV campground was a great place to stay.
We headed out Sunday morning in search of our next adventure which was to be found in Gettysburg, PA!
Until then....

Misi and Dave

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