Saturday, April 13, 2013

Natural Bridge State Resort Park in KY - April 7th-9th

We finally arrived at Natural Bridge State Resort Park in KY after experiencing tons of traffic again. We arrived early evening, parked and walked around the small campground to see which site we wanted. All the sites were pretty 'open', and with virtually no leaves on the trees yet, there was not a lot of privacy. We picked the best site we could, but then the next day, right after we finished working, we realized you could drive up around a little side road and there were larger sites on the creek. No point in moving now, but live and learn...make sure you check out ALL the sites before you get set up, lol!
This is our site
The photo above is where we could have been if we'd seen it when we arrived.

I bet this place is stunning in the fall! It was a nice place to camp and the people here are so friendly. Sunday evening when we arrived, we set up, then we hopped in the car and drove up to the lodge to check it out. Their restaurant had just closed (8:00), but we chatted with the people at the front desk for the lodge--so nice and friendly! True southern hospitality! They asked us about our trip, where we were from and gave us info on what to see around there.

We saw a tiny little pizza place on the way into town and noticed the parking lot was packed. We looked it up online, Miguels Pizza, and read great food reviews and learned that it's a 'hangout' for rock climbers and trail hikers as it's right there at Red River Gorge. We headed over there for a late dinner. Well, they had just ran out of pizza crust (bummer!!), but we each had a pasta bowl which was very tasty.

Monday was a work day so we planted ourselves at the kitchen table with the windows open. The second we were done working, we took a walk around and met one of our neighbors. They were locals wondering why, if we were from sunny, warm Florida, we were taking a trip north right now! We love that we live in Florida (especially during winter), but we just want to get out and see other places whenever we can!

Right now, early in our RV travels, we are really just trying to cover a lot of ground only staying in each spot about two or three days. We are making notes of places we will come back to and spend more time. This is a place we will come back to in the fall sometime.

We headed over to the sky lift and took a ride up to the Natural Bridge.

I'm not sure if Dave thought we were on the real thing or saw a bee, haha!

This is the 'Natural Bridge' 

Going down!

After the sky lift ride we went to the lodge for dinner. Again, southern hospitality at it's finest! Our server was    wonderful! We had the equivalent of a Thanksgiving meal with soup and salad included. Oh so good!

Well, we had to cram a lot of 'site seeing' driving in since we had to work until 5:00, then did the sky lift, then ate. So...about 6:30 we hopped in the car and drove all around the Red River Gorge area.
This is a one lane tunnel on Scenic Gorge Drive. A tiny bridge going straight through the rock!

Again, just posted this because Dave thought it was funny!

Well, that was a full day considering we worked most of it! We went back home after our drive and chilled out for the rest of the evening. Dave bought me the first three seasons of Castle on dvd and I started on Season 1 that night!

Tuesday was a work day again. As we were getting ready to leave late afternoon we found out they had a bad water leak in their camp bathroom and had to turn off all the's a good thing one of us was not soaped up in the RV shower! Also, the dump station was not available so we had to haul the extra weight of the black and gray water to our next destination. Not a big deal, but as we travel we are learning that things you think will be available are not always!

Our next drive was long but traffic! Yay! We arrived at Pipestem Resort State Park in West Virginia at dusk on Tuesday.....but that is for the next blog post.

Until then...blessings~
Misi and Dave

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