Sunday, April 21, 2013

Gettysburg, PA - April 14th-16th 2013

We arrived in Gettysburg, PA around 2:00 on Sunday. The Gettysburg Campground was great! It's only about 3 miles from the center of town and they have nice amenities, sites and a creek! We had site 183 which was on the creek. There were plenty of people here but definitely not crowded. It was a great time to see everything as I'm sure it gets much busier a little later in the year.

 After setting up camp we headed out to explore. The landscape and historic homes are stunning!
Cherry Tree Orchard-Beautiful!
Here we are in Lincoln Square downtown Gettysburg. There is so much history everywhere! Many of the buildings have historical plaques on them stating 'Civil War Building' and there are also plaques in front of them to tell you what happened in that place during the Battle of Gettysburg.

After walking many of the streets and reading about the history of the buildings and the town, we headed over to the Dobbin House for dinner.

The Dobbin House had such a cool vibe and the food was fantastic! If you visit Gettysburg you will definitely want to eat here! We ate in the Tavern as opposed to the Main Dining Room because it was so cozy looking! Also, check out the 'once hidden' staircase that lead to the secret 'underground railroad' slave hideout. 

Dobbin House Gift Shop

 We thoroughly enjoyed walking around downtown Gettysburg and dining at the Dobbin House. We headed home to rest up for another big day of exploring. Early Monday morning we headed over to the Gettysburg Foundation which is a visitor's center with an amazing Civil War Museum, film and the Cyclorama. We checked all of those things out, but first, we hired a personal guide for 2 hours. He drove our car and took us all around the battlefields telling us all the history for the Battle of Gettysburg. We learned so much. I have to admit it was far more interesting (and moving) than I expected it to be!

The above three photos are portions of the Cyclorama - 377 feet in circumference and 42 feet high!

Here is a smaller version of the Cyclorama.
The photos below are from the amazing Civil War Museum . It is a top notch museum-a 'must see' if you go to Gettysburg!

We had a nice early dinner at the Garryowen Irish Pub downtown.

 We also visited the David Wills House which is where Lincoln stayed the night before he gave the Gettysburg Address. Below is the actual bed he slept in-wonder if his feet hung off the end of the bed?
After dinner and a little shopping we headed back out to the battlefields to take a few more photos. Ironically, in a place that saw so much violence, it was such a peaceful setting while we were there.

Another sign Dave liked, lol.
It was still early when we finally left the battlefields so we took in a movie. We went to see 42 - The Jackie Robinson story. What an amazing story! It truly is a must-see!

Well, Tuesday morning we packed up and got ready to head on to D.C. We loved our stay in Gettysburg, but are looking forward to more adventures!
Creek by our campsite.

Dave is hooking the car up for the next leg of our trip.

Dave took a photo of me before we left.

We now have 12 states on our map!

Until D.C.....Blessings~
Misi and Dave

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