Friday, October 4, 2013

Fishermen's Memorial State Park, Narragansett, RI - Oct. 2nd-4th

Oct. 2nd, We arrived at Fishermen's Memorial State Park after spending the evening in Mystic, CT. We got in just in time to set up camp and listen to the Ray's Wildcard Tiebreaker game. Ray's won by the way!

We had a nice evening listening to the game in our cozy home away from home and I caught up on the blog entries!
Cozy at night with our fireplace

Time for bed now so I can get up for work tomorrow! Then after work tomorrow afternoon, we are completely off until Oct. 12th!! Our comfy, cozy bed is calling!

Oct. 3rd, fairly non-eventful as we both worked all day. But, we had all the windows wide open with a great breeze in this beautiful park! After work around 5:00, we put Rhode Island on our map, then headed into Newport to explore.

Dave diligently working!

Rhode Island is on the map and we are enjoying the journey!

Did some exploring downtown Newport. Ate some dinner and just wandered around taking photos!
We don't have to work for the rest of our trip so we will be exploring a lot more! Up and out early for Newport Mansion Tours!

A couple shots of our campsite as we head out.

The above photos are from The Breakers Mansion in Newport.

Just a tiny little house near the mansions!

The photos above are Marble House Mansion and it's Chinese Tea Room

The above photos are from our Cliff Walk Tour around Newport mansions

The above photos are from our Ocean Drive or known as Ten Mile Drive

A shot as we are leaving Newport.
Well, we only scratched the surface on our short stay in Newport, RI, but I guess that leaves more to discover next time! We left around 4:00 or 5:00 and headed to our next destination in Cape Cod, MA. Campground is Bayview Campground in Bourne, MA 

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